Dr. phil. Dr. rer. nat.
Olav Röhrer-Ertl

* 26. April 1940 Berlin-Tiergarten
† 7. April 2019 München

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About Myself

Olav Röhrer-Ertl, born 1940 in Berlin-Tiergarten

Studium generale at the Universities of East-Berlin, Göttingen, Hamburg and Brunswick with the main fields of Physical Anthropology, Prehistory, Ethnology, Geology/Paeleontology, Geology of the Quarternary, History of the Arts and various Cultural Sciences. Also: Museum-, Exhibition-, Library-, and Excavationworks (in theoria et praxi).

Doctorates: 1970 Dr. phil. at Hamburg and 1976 Dr. rer.-nat. at Brunswick.

Since 1961 scientific coworker in Hannover (Prehistory), Hamburg (Ethnology/Prehistory), Kiel/Schleswig (Prehistory, SFB 17: Research Project of the DFG for Skandinavian and Baltic Sea Area). Since 1975 Assistent in Brunswick (Physical Anthropology.)

Since 1979 till 2005 I was employed at the at the "Staatliche Naturwissenschaftliche Sammlungen Bayerns" (Anthropological and Zoological State Collection).

Died 7. April 2019 in Munic.

Publications at the most parts of Physical Anthropology, Primatology and Prehistory with interdisciplinary character.