About Myself

Olav Röhrer-Ertl, born 1940 in Berlin-Tiergarten

Studium generale at the Universities of East-Berlin, Göttingen, Hamburg and Brunswick with the main fields of Physical Anthropology, Prehistory, Ethnology, Geology/Paeleontology, Geology of the Quarternary, History of the Arts and various Cultural Sciences. Also: Museum-, Exhibition-, Library-, and Excavationworks (in theoria et praxi).

Doctorates: 1970 Dr. phil. at Hamburg and 1976 Dr. rer.-nat. at Brunswick.

Since 1961 scientific coworker in Hannover (Prehistory), Hamburg (Ethnology/Prehistory), Kiel/Schleswig (Prehistory, SFB 17: Research Project of the DFG for Skandinavian and Baltic Sea Area). Since 1975 Assistent in Brunswick (Physical Anthropology.)

Since 1979 till 2005 I was employed at the at the "Staatliche Naturwissenschaftliche Sammlungen Bayerns" (Anthropological and Zoological State Collection).

Publications at the most parts of Physical Anthropology, Primatology and Prehistory with interdisciplinary character.