Dr. phil. Dr. rer. nat.
Olav Röhrer-Ertl

* 26. April 1940 Berlin-Tiergarten
† 7. April 2019 München

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Catalogues in Primatology

The Primates-Collection of the Anthropological State Collection was up to 1902 with the State Collection of Prehistory connected. The “Old Catalogue” includes only the donations of givers. Inside of this donations it gives the Numbers of Collectors.

1902 was separated both Collections. In the 1920ies Dr. S. Ehrhardt has made the “New Catalogue” (numbers from 1 up to 5000).

1944 has lost also the ASM the most collected objects by bombs, more later.

1979-80 was made newly a Catalogue. The Primate-Collection was an own part of them.

1981 gives the ASM the bigger part of the Primate-objects to the Zoological State Collection Munic (ZSM). In the ZSM was all the material new cataloguizated (ZSM1981/…). 1984 was given this part back to the ASM. More objects from the Inst. of Anatomy of the LMU was collected.

After 2005 has given the ASM all the Primate-objects definitively to the ZSM. The ZSM has all this objects newly cataloguizated with new Numbers.

Lists of concordancies are to become collegues in the ZSM. In other case nobody can use publications before 2005.