Dr. phil. Dr. rer. nat.
Olav Röhrer-Ertl

* 26. April 1940 Berlin-Tiergarten
† 7. April 2019 München

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Data Protection

The Data Protection Policy at a Glance

The following data protection information gives you an overview of the collection and processing of your data when using the this websites.

What data do we collect from you?

How is the data collected?

We automatically collect the data that is generated when visiting our website. We only collect additional data when it is entered on our website or – to the extent necessary – with the use of cookies.

What is the data needed for and how do we use your data?

Your rights to the data collected

You have the following rights:

  1. Right to transparent information
  2. Information for the collection of personal data
  3. Right to information
  4. Right to correction
  5. Right to deletion
  6. Right to restriction of the processing
  7. Right to be informed of the completion of the correction, deletion or restriction of processing
  8. Right to data portability
  9. Right of objection


With the use of our website you agree to the use of personal data as described. This data privacy statement is currently applicable and was published on 25 May 2018.

This abridged version of the data privacy notifications provides you with an overview of the collection and processing of your data.